Innovation Software and a Clear Desk

Is your Innovation software getting in the way of you doing your job?

I read a great article this week explaining why we are so much more creative when working in a decluttered environment.  I know it’s true for me. I always look for a totally clear desk so I can focus on something more creative and challenging.  The strange thing about this article was there were numerous comments attached, strongly disagreeing. Dissenters claimed that the visual noise of their surroundings was a creative stimulant.  It was probably around 50:50, for and against.

I’m certainly not a psychologist, but I have observed that different types of people prefer different environments and ways of working.  If you’re in the “decluttered” camp you’ll understand the thinking behind our streamlined innovation software, Innovator™.   In our view, the major challenge of new product development is its sheer complexity. So many parts of the business are involved that the 99% perspiration frequently shoulders out the 1% of inspiration.

Innovator™ is the ideal software for innovation because it takes care of this complexity. By providing a simple interface, with intelligently tiered data flowing into intuitively organised project dashboards, it’s like the pleasure of having a clear desk.  Do take look. At least half of you are going to love it.