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Bubble PPM helps you manage remote teams and overcome the complexities of a distributed workforce.

Promoting a clarity of purpose and facilitating collaboration across geographical or other barriers, it becomes your single source of truth.

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Helping remote and virtual teams collaborate more effectively

Bubble PPM provides a single integrated environment for planning, managing, and delivering multiple projects collaboratively. Track, manage, and report on the progress and status of all your projects in real-time – wherever you are in the world.

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Project and portfolio dashboards 

Fully configurable dashboards help internal and remote employees track the status and progress of their projects, portfolios, tasks, or other performance indicators through:

+ Strategic roadmaps
+ Company and personal dashboards
+ Portfolio lists and project delivery timeline views

Quickly communicate and manage risks & issues affecting the portfolio

View all project status, risks, and dependencies across various dimensions. Dive into the detail of a specific challenge, directly from your dashboard.

Risk & Issue tracker - Bubble PPM software for managing remote working teams

Analyze and track KPIs with ease

Manage many processes or projects in tandem and track delivery according to priorities, dependencies, or other drivers.

Process measurement tools allow you to spot, analyze, and continuosly refine process blockers and bottlenecks.

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Ensure everyone’s priorities are clear at all times

Prioritize projects according to expected benefits, costs, feasibility, and other factors.

Changes are instantly reflected throughout the application, ensuring a common understanding of priorities across the organization at all times (even when your strategy changes).

Keep projects on track, using status & progress indicators

Monitor the progress and status of all your projects in real-time even when your or your teams are working remotely, helping you to ensure that project requirements are met well before key meetings or milestones.

Image status and progress indicators - project portfolio management (ppm) software - remote working teams

Govern projects remotely

Bubble PPM helps you strengthen project governance.

Make fact-based decisions when hitting key project milestones and improve process consistency and compliance by embedding your best practices and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within the platform.

Decisions are instantly reflected across the portfolio and can be communicated to the project team via automated notifications and alerts.

Project Governance image - Bubble PPM software for managing remote working teams

Automated project reporting image - Bubble PPM software for managing remote working teams

Quickly create and share reports

Real-time, automated project reporting saves users an average of one day per week.

Report with a single click or use the reporting module to quickly share summaries for any number of selected projects. Automate any reports that need to be created or distributed at fixed intervals.

Send formal and informal communications

Bubble PPM includes message boards, notifications, and digest tools that help you work across divisional, geographical, and company borders.

With a dialogue-based approach to project delivery becoming ever more popular, learn more:


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Our software makes remote working simple

Virtual teams do better with Bubble®

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Whether you deliver the top-level strategy, or the projects that drive success

Bubble®PPM software is designed to make your job easier!


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