Innovator Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

2016’s top rated Enterprise PPM Software on TrustRadius™

Configured to suit the way you work, Bubble Innovator is a cloud-based software that is quick to deploy, easy to use, fully secure, and highly effective!


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A Powerful, Intuitive, and Fully Configurable Platform

Ensures You Optimize Your Innovation Investments.

Innovator helps you select the right projects, execute them reliably, and continuously improve productivity. Designed to create higher value portfolios that accelerate growth, it:

 Connects projects to strategic goals.

Increases the return on your innovation investments.

Brings portfolio visibility, control and efficiency gains.


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Supported by World Class Implementation & Consulting Services

With a Track Record of Successful Delivery

Each instance of Innovator™ is configured to customer needs to facilitate rapid adoption. Our support and consulting services also help organizations optimize their process as well as their portfolios.


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Our Users Love Innovator Because it Makes Their Jobs Easier!

Innovator™ captures project status and guides teams to complete project deliverables on time, ensuring a robust process and efficient portfolio reviews.

Live Portfolio dashboards and automated report builder provide strategic clarity and constant pipeline visibility keeping stakeholders informed and engaged.

Whether you’re managing hundreds of projects or a few very complex ones, Bubble Innovator™ can be configured to suit the needs of almost any sector or process.

Successfully deployed in FMCG, Utilities, Industrial and Health-care settings, Innovator™ has been awarded ‘Top Rated’ PPM status for 2016, by TrustRadius™ based on real user reviews.

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