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Welcome to our Innovation Blog.  With 20+ years of innovation consulting and software development experience under our belts, we’ve amassed a range of insights that we occasionally like to share here.

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Our Latest Innovation Blog Posts

  • Workato logo and press release

Bubble announce technology partnership with Workato

Introducing seamless integrations between Bubble PPM and other applications Bubble® Software announces a technology partnership with Workato to embed integrations into the heart of its Project and Portfolio Management solution Bubble® PPM [...]

Bubble joins 2020 “Top 10 project dashboard software list”

Bubble PPM recognized in Top 10 Project Dashboard Software list Bubble PPM has earned a place in The Digital Project Manager's 10 Most Beautiful Project Dashboard Software Tools Bubble [...]

  • PPM software user experience awards 2018 - Finances Online

PPM software user experience and rising star awards

Bubble Innovator™ Earns Two 2018 Project Portfolio Management Software Awards. Bubble, is awarded 'Rising Star' and 'Great User Experience' awards by FinancesOnline Business Software Directory.   Bubble is pleased to share news that our PPM Software Bubble [...]

  • Cover image - best technology / product roadmap software - Fraunhofer IAO & TIM consulting report 2018 - Roadmapping Software Study

Product roadmap software study

New report into the Product Roadmap Software Marketplace is published. Bubble, one of 10 vendors reviewed in-depth by TIM-Consulting and Fraunhofer Institute.    Bubble is pleased to share news that our PPM Software Bubble Innovator™ features [...]

How to Align Project Portfolios After M&A

How to Align Project Portfolios After M&A Real world advice on how to align project portfolios and innovation pipelines after corporate mergers. A Medical Device Case Study Mergers and Acquisitions in the Medical Device sector, in [...]

How to reward innovation

Rewarding Innovation Is it necessary, or even right, to reward staff specifically for thinking innovatively? Last week I had an hour to kill in an airport lounge and decided to contribute to an online discussion [...]

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Innovation Software and a clear desk

Innovation Software and a Clear Desk Is your Innovation software getting in the way of you doing your job? I read a great article this week explaining why we are so much more creative when working in a [...]

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Lean Innovation

Lean Innovation I thought I’d write a short note on the vogue topic of Lean Innovation.  Lots of people talk about it, but does it really exist? We all know that Lean has its roots [...]

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Measuring R&D Performance

Measuring R&D Performance I saw some really interesting R&D performance measures recently at a highly innovative food producer.  It made me think that the lack of a measurement culture in R&D is really just historic, rather [...]

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SaaS and Penetration Testing

SaaS and Penetration Testing Delivering software as a service carries with it a range of complexities and responsibilities.  There are questions of reliability, of confidentiality, and critically, of security, all of which we are [...]

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Why invest in New Product Development Software?

Why invest in NPD Software? New Product Development Software should be a tool to improve the quality of your new product development decision-making and a way to enhance the process of NPD. How do we improve [...]

Innovation Consultancy: The Definition of Success

Innovation Consultancy One question I often ask of NPI Project Managers is “What is their definition of a successful project?”  Obviously the question is more troubling in some sectors than in others. So in [...]

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Quality Assurance: designed for compliance or process excellence?

Quality Assurance for Innovation Projects I know I may be shot at dawn for saying this, but it appears to me that the regulatory environments that preside over quality in the medical device and the [...]

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Still Using Spreadsheets to Manage your Portfolio?  Innovator™ gives you PPM with a difference.

Spreadsheets Vs Software! Which is best for Project and Portfolio Management? (PPM) Managing a single project can be challenging enough.  I know, because like everyone else, I have my own chequered history of successes [...]