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External partnerships

Our passion for what we do extends investing in our trusted networks.  We’re committed to building strong and mutually beneficial PPM partnerships and collaborations around the world.

If you’d like to help us expand our Bubble PPM software into new territories, or connect us to emergent sector trends in Project, Portfolio or Innovation Management, please get in touch.

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PPM Partnerships

Famil Aliyev
Famil AliyevManaging Partner


Bubble PPM software value added reseller - Vabiss

Partner type: Strategic Partner

Regions: Azerbaijan | Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan | Tajikistan | Georgia | Uzbekistan | Ukraine | Belarus | Moldova | Russia

VABISS is a privately owned IT solutions and services business formed in 2010. Today, our company owns the solid competence and facilities in order to implement, customize and support highly accessible and reliable technology solutions that lead business’ to sustainability and prosperity.


We are committed to create a tangible and sustainable value for our customers. We work with the best companies to bring innovative, sustainable and value adding solutions to you. We are committed to look beyond just delivering technology; we look at a total package of project management, optimal implementation, training, consultation and support. We are committed to adapt to the changing world, demand, trends and tools to bring the best to our clients.


  • No “nonsense”: Offer clients only fit-for-purpose solutions and leave out what is not relevant.
  • Exceed expectations: When working with a client never cut corners and go the extra mile when needed.
  • Efficient: Work efficiently and do not waste client’s time or financial resources!
  • Integrity: Do “the right thing” rather than “the easy thing” and behave ethically.
  • Excellence: Deliver the highest quality and keep performance bar raising continually.
  • Teamwork: Leverage the power of collective mind and embrace synergy of teamwork.


Our comprehensive implementation service ensures the effective implementation of all our solutions in line with client requirements and expectations; allowing you to reap the benefits of your chosen solution on schedule and effectively.


Improve user adoption of new processes, roles, calendars, and change by following a structured training. We help your organization increase understanding and efficiencies of your new solution and processes by leveraging proven training templates and role-based content.


Whether a new user just starting out with one of our solutions or an experienced long-term client, our support and maintenance team is here to help with your specific queries and requirements, ensuring that you take full advantage of our value-adding solutions.

Dr. Richard Bayney
Dr. Richard BayneyPresident & Founder

Project & Portfolio Value Creation (PPVC)

Partner type: Reseller

Regions: Global

Bubble has formed a global partnership with PPVC in which PPVC will offer clients Decision Analysis & Portfolio Management training and capability building while Bubble will offer its Project & Portfolio Management software solution. Working closely with each other, it is expected that both Bubble and PPVC will be able to provide customized solutions to clients who are trying to build or improve their Project Management, Resource Management, and Portfolio Management, competencies.

Richard is a 25-year veteran of Project & Portfolio Managenment within industry. Prior to founding his boutique consulting, training and education practice Project & Portfolio Value Creation (PPVC Inc.) he was Vice President, Portfolio Management & Decision Analysis Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development.

He also spent 11 years building and leading departments in Strategic Planning, Decision Analysis, and Portfolio Management at Merck & Co., Bayer Corp. and AG, Bristol-Myers Squibb. A frequent speaker in ‘Portfolio & Resource Management, Risk Analysis & Risk Management, and Strategic Planning, he is an Advisory Board Member to Cambridge Healthtech Institute, an adjunct faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania and delivers workshops on ‘Portfolio Management of Innovative Products’ for the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in Belgium, and on ‘Project Management & Project Leadership’ in China.

Dr. Bayney obtained his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of London, MBA from Columbia University, and PMP from the Project Management Institute.

His other specialist topics include Decision Modeling, Risk Management and Business, Strategy and Scenario Planning services and he is co-author of the recently published book Enterprise and Project Portfolio Management, Building Competencies for R&D and IT Investment Success (J. Ross Publishing September 2012).

Barry Brager
Barry BragerFounder & Managing Partner

Perception Partners: HERE

Intellar: HERE

Perception Partners & Intellar®

Bubble PPM software reseller - Intellar

Partner type: Reseller

Regions: Worldwide

Bubble has formed a worldwide partnership with Perception Partners to offer clients Intellar® competitive intelligence dashboards for any project in Bubble’s Project and Portfolio Management software solution. When aligned, Bubble and Intellar will help clients continuously curate, categorize and quantify competitive technology trends & market intelligence across global patents, technical literature and news.

Barry Brager is the Founder of Perception Partners, Inc. and serves as its Managing Partner. He is recognized as a leader in the IP industry. In 2009, he was named one of the world’s Leading IP Strategists in the global IAM250, published by IAM Magazine.

Perception Partners helps clients fully leverage innovation and intellectual property with technology investment, business development and transactional Solution Suites that have supported decisions related to more than $1 billion in financial transactions.

He also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Starpound Corporation.

Prior to Perception Partners, he founded and managed a marketing services firm in the Atlanta area that served enterprises such as The Coca-Cola Company, EMS Wireless, McKesson and Turner Broadcasting.

He is a frequent speaker on IP strategy, valuation and the links between patent intelligence and competitive advantage. 

External Collaborations

Paul Hobcraft
Paul HobcraftFounder

Agility Innovation

Paul Hobcraft is an Innovation Management expert and well respected Innovation Blogger. Recognized for his consistency to champion and inform on innovation, he focuses on building innovation capacity, competencies and capabilities.  A frequent writer Paul blogs under the name paul4innovating, where he regularly publishes his thinking and research based on his professional advisory, coaching and consulting work at  www.agilityinnovation.com

Paul is a thought leader collaborator to Bubble Group. Providing Innovation insights and acting as a sounding board, he is one of group of external advisers with whom we engage with on an ad-hoc basis (for example where our combined insights and experiences can deliver solutions that are greater than the sum of the whole).

In the next few months it’s our intention to create some co-written Innovation articles and blog posts to add to the website.

NOTE: Paul knows of Innovator™ (our Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution), but has no commercial incentives to recommend our software over others.

Ranked in the Top 3 Global Innovation bloggers for 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively (presently 5th), he also occupy’s 2nd position on the Global Innovation Community – Innovation Excellence (IX) website and is consistently a ‘Top 50’ tweeter for sharing content on the subject of innovation on twitter.

Paul is also an Innovation Management leader at The Leadership Network, a leadership and management training provider.

To reach Paul directly visit his consulting page which can be found: HERE