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For over 20 years, Bubble has been helping companies capture more value from their innovation portfolios.

Specialized in Innovation Optimization and Development projects, we are Enterprise Software developers and  Innovation Consultants.

We offer the following process support services for companies seeking to improve their Innovation capabilities.  If you’d like to know more, please take a moment to read this page or:

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Other PPM Services - Innovation Consultants - Portfolio Management + Optimization

Portfolio Management + Optimization

Selecting and prioritizing the ‘right’ projects is crucial for achieving strategic and financial objectives.  Effectively managing a pipeline of projects presents a number of challenges, including , allocation of limited resources, robust and consistent process for project execution and others.

We have brought fresh thinking and best practices into the portfolio governance processes of many companies.



Innovation Process Maturity Assessment Tools

The right tools and processes can have a significant impact on the success and productivity of development projects.

Drawing upon experiences from FMCG, Aerospace, Life Sciences and Public Utilities, we have a range of standalone Innovation process improvement and best practice support services for both existing and new customers.



Other PPM Services - Innovation Consultants - Innovation Process Maturity Tools

Other PPM Services - Innovation Consultants - Innovation Process Design

Innovation Process Design

Innovation process improvement is an underexploited opportunity for growth.  We offer end-to-end solutions that harmonize existing organizational innovation processes while incorporating proven best practices in phase-gate and new product development methodologies.

This approach captures collective knowledge within your organization and ensures accurate, fact-based reporting at the aggregated portfolio level.



Innovation Organizational Design

Innovation organization design is an important component of an effective innovation function, and we can help you maximize your innovation power based on our experience of establishing and optimizing organizational structures.  We help organizations to understand the roles and responsibilities that must be established, and to empower teams and individuals with appropriate skills and training. We also ensure that the necessary forums are running regularly and effectively.  We regularly support key stakeholders in building consensus around critical questions such as:

  • Who owns your product strategy?
  • How are gate review decisions made and resources allocated?
  • What is the scope of the Project Manager’s role?



Change Management + Communications

Proper communications and change management practices are integral to the successful deployment and embedding of meaningful change.

We incorporate best practices and first-hand experience to create a tailored program to support your broader transformation objectives.



Other PPM Services - Innovation Consultants - Change management

Open Innovation

Many companies are realizing the benefits of a more collaborative approach to innovation. Connecting internally and externally helps bring innovations to market faster, often at less cost than through traditional practices.

We can help integrate Open Innovation (OI) principles into your existing processes, advise how to establish the all-important cultural aspects, and guide on the types of systems and tools best support this approach. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Assessment of OI maturity and readiness, as well as facilitating cultural change process.
  • Leveraging cross-functional collaborations (to remove silo behaviors).
  • Structuring specific OI activities (i.e. Collaboration Platforms, Co-Creation, Crowdsourcing, IP licensing etc).



Other PPM Services - Innovation Consultants - Open Innovation

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