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Ensure that you have the capacity to deliver every project you undertake

Here’s how we can help you improve your capacity for delivery without increasing resources…

See precisely who is working on what

Resource and department managers can easily see the relative workload on each individual.

Anticipate and address resource and bottlenecks in advance

Resource bottlenecks reduce flow, increase work in progress, and add stress to staff. Clarity of resource requirements vs capacity facilitates early action so these can be avoided.

Know where the pressure points are

Set the capacity for staff and easily see the relative workload of each individual before assigning work or adding them to projects.

Re-assign people when circumstances change

Move people between projects in order to balance workloads and ensure projects have the resources they need.

Align delivery priorities across your organization

Clear project prioritization ensures that all areas have a shared view of where to focus their efforts, resulting in greater throughput, less work in progress, and faster delivery.

Understand future resource requirements

Capacity planning tools ensure departmental heads can take recruitment, training, or resourcing actions now to meet future needs.

Ensure appropriate resource utilization at all times, making current, planned, and future, requirements both visible and predictable

Plan your Requirements

Use rough cut requirements planning to quickly create an initial resource plan for each project.

Define which departments or functions should be included in resource planning, and use historical experience to estimate resource requirements for each type of project.

Define resource requirements by month or by stage.

Capture estimates in standard templates so that project resource requirements can be planned with minimal effort.


Resource requirements planning tools

Assign people to projects

Easily match people against project requirements to ensure prioritized projects are fully resourced, then view and maintain the delivery capacity for each person, team, and department - across the entire organization.

Department managers can see every project that their team needs to support, who has been assigned to each project, and for how long.

View requirements and assignments together for each department, or switch to a project view.

Add contractors into the organization's capacity where needed, and assign them to projects.

Maintain a shared view of relative priorities to ensure that the highest priority projects get resourced first.


Resource prioritization tools

Review each person's workload

See precisely who is working on what and where the pressure points are.

Bring up a summary of assignments for each individual and ensure that they are not assigned over their capacity.

Balance the workload across your team.

Flag up where delivery schedules cannot be met with existing resources in order to support business planning.


Business planning tools

Anticipate bottlenecks

Understand your future resource requirements to inform training and recruitment.

Use historical resource requirements to easily model the future needs of the project pipeline.

Leverage graphical analysis tools to clearly highlight where future needs cannot be met with existing resources.


Resource requirement Vs capacity tools

Resource Management is better with Bubble®

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