Improving Your Resource Management

30 November 2016, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham. UK

How do food and drink innovators improve their resource management capabilities? 

Peter will be speaking at the inaugural Food and Beverage NPD and Innovation Summit, an event targeted at senior food industry practitioners wanting to discuss innovation challenges and opportunities within the Food & Drink sector.

A true innovation enthusiast and a pragmatic master of process, Peter is a co-founder of Bubble and Head of our Consulting & Software Implementation teams.  Joining speakers from leading food and beverage companies, his presentation will focus on planning the resources needed to deliver new product pipelines as well as a proven metric for resource management.

Getting to the heart of Resource Management for Innovation!

We’re excited to discuss this topic because minimizing bottlenecks and anticipating functional workloads  is an evergreen challenge for innovation teams.  It’s especially hard for food & drink innovators, because they have so many different projects running simultaneously!

Sharing insights into what ‘sufficient accuracy’ is and how best data can be used to inform your short and long term planning, Peter will discuss:

  • Why Cross-Skilling is key to making the most of your most flexible resource (your people)
  • Why rough cut capacity planning is better than task based forecasting.
  • Why resource planning should focus on forward looking, not just record keeping, activities.

If you’d like to join him, the event is free to attend and takes place on November 30th (at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham. UK). Organized by Food and Drink Business Europe, it provides a rare platform for food and beverage companies to share how they invest in innovation, retain customers and gain new market share.

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This presentation will be about learning not selling but, as you’d expect, our Top-Rated Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Software Bubble Innovator™ has a fantastic Resource Management module which is built on our years of experience in this field.  Please visit our Resource Management page HERE if you’d like to know more about Innovator™