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Manage your entire portfolio of projects with total confidence 

Intuitive and easy to learn, Bubble PPM helps you to deliver projects faster, make the best use of resources and, create higher value for the business
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A single source-of-truth

that helps you do what you already do, just…better!

Complete visibility

Provides a comprehensive pipeline overview of the current status and risk, as well as projected costs and benefits, with full drill-down capabilities.

Consistent control

Enables fact-based decision-making and consistent quality assurance through real-time data analysis and governance functionality.

Maximum efficiency

Puts the right information at your fingertips at the right time, alongside a full suite of tools for streamlined reporting, analysis, and collaboration.

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Whether you’re defining strategies and targets, or delivering the projects that drive success, Bubble® PPM Software makes it easy to optimize delivery in one integrated environment.

When it's your job to set or deliver strategy

We can help you transform decision-making and enable productivity gains across the organization.

  1. Get the enterprise view of your strategy in action
  2. Set portfolio and organizational priorities in one place
  3. Create what-if scenarios to assess alternatives
  4. Balance risks and opportunities
  5. Plan your portfolio investment strategy
  6. Communicate your vision across the organization

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Image of Strategic Planning Dashboard - Bubble PPM Software

When it's your job to manage the portfolio

Bubble PPM helps you optimize for the short and long term, hitting your targets and delivering on strategy, by:

  1. Creating transparency
  2. Connecting strategy and delivery
  3. Keeping all projects on track
  4. Strengthening project governance
  5. Continuous measurement and improvement
  6. Building and sharing custom reports

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When it's your job to manage project delivery

Bubble PPM ensures all your priorities are clear and that your outcomes can be recorded and shared with ease.

  1. See all your projects in one place
  2. Know all your priorities
  3. Stay up to date in real-time
  4. Focus on what's 'still to be done'
  5. Stay on track to deliver on time/budget
  6. Easily report on actions and achievements

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When it's your job to manage resources

Bubble PPM ensures that you have the capacity to deliver every project you undertake.

  1. See precisely who is working on what
  2. Anticipate and address resource bottlenecks in advance
  3. Know where the pressure points are
  4. Re-assign people when circumstances change
  5. Align delivery priorities across your organization
  6. Understand future resource requirements

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Project and Portfolio Management is better with Bubble®

See how Bubble PPM can transform your organization…

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Whether you deliver the top-level strategy, or the projects that drive success

Bubble®PPM software is designed to make your job easier!


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