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Our CPG configuration helps professionals working in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sectors

Manage large project portfolios, shorten your product lead times and integrate supply chains into NPD
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Image of Risk Traffic lights in Bubble PPM Software

Shorten product lead times

Clear project status tracking tools help teams act quickly to resolve project delivery bottlenecks.

Customers report project lead-time reductions of between 25%-75%, through better prioritizing their critical tasks, eliminating process management errors, and streamlining workflow.

Manage all projects in one place

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies face an almost unique challenge of managing scale and speed in their project portfolios.

Innovator™ makes it easy to prioritize and execute within a diverse project portfolio.

Image of portfolio list view in Bubble PPM Software
Image of project balanced scorecard in Bubble PPM Software

Easily evaluate opportunities

Innovator™ makes it easy to evaluate the strengths and risks of new products and market opportunities.

Score and rank product concepts in isolation, or against other opportunities in your project portfolio.

Manage to the SKU level 

Track any metric that’s important to your business – right down to the SKU level!

Image of project balanced scorecard in Bubble PPM Software
Image of project balanced scorecard in Bubble PPM Software

Track the financial performance of products

Bubble PPM for CPG companies allows you to track overall financial performance for project, pipeline, retailer or SKU performance.

Refine by time, process, department and other metrics, or output your data for further analysis.

See the shape of your pipeline

Product variations add a lot of complexity to CPG pipelines. Bubble PPM makes it easy to review and manage the shape of your current and future pipeline value, as well as other important metrics.

Image of project balanced scorecard in Bubble PPM Software

Integrate your supply chain 

Managing supply chain risk helps CPG companies ensure their go to market strategy stays on track.  Bubble PPM allows you to incorporate supply chain design, rules and dashboards right into the heart of your development process.  No other PPM software provides this level of support in transitioning development activities towards operations and distribution.

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New Product Development is better with Bubble®

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