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Integrated Resources Information Software

The upstream energy sector relies on an evidence-based approach to realize value via consistent project decision-making, while recognizing and quantifying inherent risks and uncertainties. iRIS, powered by Bubble PPM, ensures:

  • Visibility of your entire portfolio, and individual project transparency
  • Enhanced tracking and reporting of ongoing and historical projects
  • Real-time interrogation and management of all project data
  • Management of dependencies across programs and portfolios

iRIS maintains visibility of all your project data and resources

Long lead times and assets that need to be managed over the long term are an inescapable reality of working in the upstream energy sector. By dramatically improving project transparency, iRIS provides Executives through to individual team members with access to key information they may need in order to take tough decisions when balancing risks and potential rewards.

A single source of truth for reliable, data-driven decisions

iRIS drives individual and team accountability, and provides visibility and transparency of all your portfolio data.

By ensuring that all your decisions are based on quality-assured facts and interpretations in a common corporate knowledge base, more reliable outcomes are delivered.

Image of portfolio list view in Bubble PPM Software
Image of project balanced scorecard in Bubble PPM Software

Improve the management of risk and mitigation of uncertainty

iRIS facilitates the active management of priority actions, risk assessments, and potential project outcomes.

It enables project teams to highlight, and justify, the key areas where more data are required to mitigate uncertainty.

Drive operational efficiencies through adherence to best practices 

With over 20 years of portfolio & project management best practices built into the platform, iRIS helps senior leaders to prioritize the critical activities of all their teams, and for teams to organize a coherent approach to project maturation.

Our software facilitates efficient execution of your own business processes, in all phases of the upstream project life cycle.

Image of innovation funnel for Energy Sector company Project Maturity Pipeline - Bubble PPM Software
Image of project balanced scorecard in Bubble PPM Software

Establish a home for all your current and historical data

iRIS helps companies in the upstream energy sector to track and report current project maturation, while retaining valuable organizational knowledge for the long-term.

With easy-to-use tools, access permissions, and dashboard options our software makes it easier than ever for you to manage complex projects while satisfying stakeholder and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, it enables you to consolidate lessons learned, through time and across projects.

Energy sector projects are better with Bubble®

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