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Real user reviews of our Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software leads to Innovator™ earning Top-Rated Enterprise PPM Software status on TrustRadius!

We’re thrilled to let you know that the user review and research platform TrustRadius™ have announced that Bubble Innovator™, our cloud-based PPM Software, has been awarded Top-Rated status for 2016.

This is a huge recognition for the company. Not just because we’ve achieved an average of 8.9 out of 10 rating, but also because customer satisfaction and user reviews determined our top rated status in their Enterprise PPM Software Category. All ratings come from authenticated users who have reviewed or rated other software on the site.

TrustRadius only awards top rated status to the highest performers in each of the 30 categories listed on its business and technology buyers website. With votes cast by hundreds of reviewers in each category, it’s great to be formally recognised as being a leader in the field of Enterprise Product Portfolio Management (PPM) Software.

You can see just how well Innovator™ scored on the TrustRadius TrustMap™ by clicking on the link below. Scoring well above other vendors in the space, Innovator™ occupies the leading position on each of the two dimensions scored. These being (1) Satisfaction ratings from end-users, and (2) Research frequency by prospective buyers (as measured by unique page views). Check Innovator’s position against other PPM Software in user generated reviews HERE.

Of course we’ll keep developing Innovator™ to ensure that it stays at the forefront of New Product Development process management, Portfolio Planning and ongoing Portfolio Management best-practices.

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For now, thanks for reading this short post!