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Phase gate process development guidelines

Implementing a Phase Gate project management process


Effective Phase Gate process management enables you to quality assure project execution, maximize productivity and reduce risks. In this free process development download, we identify some of the high level benefits that come about through implementing an effective Stage/Phase Gate process as well as the steps that you need to put in place if you’re implementing a phase gate process, in your organization, for the first time. 


Page samples white paper stage/phase gate process management - how-to implementation guidelines

In this insights-focused white paper, we illustrate how effective workflow management enables you to quality assure project execution, maximize productivity and reduce risks.

The guidelines apply equally to both a software and a non-software based approach (meaning phase gate project management tools like ours are not a prerequisite to getting some value from the document).

Key themes

  • Benefits of an effective Phase Gate process? 

  • What steps need to be put in place? 

  • Defining a set of project types 

  • Defining a clear phase (or stage) and gate process for each of your project types

  • Defining your work-streams 

  • Developing a checklist of criteria to apply at your governance meetings

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